Monogramming Etiquette April 23 2017, 0 Comments

A monogram is so much more than just letters. Monograms add character and detail to everyday things. They allow you to add your identity to beautiful linens, towels, bedding and more! Because no two names are the same, we work with you to build beautiful monograms unique to your story and who you are. With hundreds of fonts, we can handcraft monograms to match your individual style and taste. Interested in a hand sketched monogram made just for you? Ask about our hand drawn monograms and watch yours transform from paper to thread. 

Ready to get started? Browse some of our most popular styles below then contact our local embroidery store to get started! With hundreds of fonts you can create a beautiful monogram distinctly for you. Go for a more traditional and simple look for men and a more ornate and dainty look for women. 

This style allows you to put your monogram in a standard first, middle, last sequence. Don't let this simple style fool you. You can create professional, beautiful and cutesy monograms out of this traditional style. 

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This style puts your initials in the order of first, last, and middle. Allowing your last name to be the center of attention. Don't think just one font, pick your two favorites to mix and match until you're content! 

4 Letter Monogram: Have a four letter name? No worries! Check out this beautiful 4 letter monogram. Your options are limitless! 
Single Initial: This style allows you to highlight your favorite initial in your name! Pick between your first or last name and watch that single initial become a beautiful piece of art. With the right font and color, these single initials don't have to stand alone.