Go Back to School Right with Monogrammed Gear July 09 2015, 0 Comments

embroidered school uniforms

While you plan for ways to make this school year better than the last, consider how much the details matter. Focusing on school pride, team spirit and a sense of community often make for a great educational experience. This back to school season, have letter jackets, backpacks, duffel bags and spirit wear enhanced with custom embroidery in Dallas. Here’s how it will make the difference this year.

Gearing up for a Championship

Football, basketball, volleyball, track, and baseball teams get a big edge from that sense of a shared goal, and embroidered varsity jackets add to this feeling of purpose. Custom embroidering can make these jackets special as a team gears up for a championship fight or hopes to come back from a tough year. As team members wear their varsity jackets with pride, you can expect that spirit to carry onto the field or gym.

Pumping up School Pride

Custom bags and jackets aren’t only for members of varsity sports teams. You can get duffel bags, spirit wear and custom totes that allow members of any activity to show off their school pride and shared interest. Products featuring personalized embroidery in Dallas allow students of any interest or background to feel a common bond with others in their class or extracurricular activity.

Showcasing Your School in the Community

Make sure your school and its many activities stand out from the crowd. Monogrammed products are affordable for students, but you may want to consider subsidizing the price so everyone can pick up athletic gear or accessories featuring your school’s custom embroidery. Other schools and members of the community will take notice.

This back to school season, have students wear team colors with pride with custom varsity jackets, duffel bags, totes and more from Legacy Monograms. For further information or to place an order please contact us at (972) 763-1717 or visit www.LegacyMonograms.com.