A Brief History of Monograms February 25 2015, 0 Comments

In modern times, most people associate monograms with pajamas, shirts, bath robes and even hats. Legacy Monograms is one of the leading providers of monogramming in Dallas, and the bulk of our work centers on clothes and accessories. However, monogramming has a rich history that begins thousands of years ago. Since that time, the art has evolved, changed, and grown into the monograms we see today.

A monogram at its core is the combination of letters to form a symbol. The most common manifestation of this in modern monogramming is a person’s initials, but it can take many different forms depending on the artist and the preferences of the customer. The first known monograms appeared as early as 350 BC on Greek coins. The monograms were used to denote the city that issued the coins. Monograms have also been used heavily by royalty, appearing on insignia related to public organizations within a given kingdom to reinforce the connection of the organization to the ruler.

Individual monograms, which are more along the lines of what we see today, also have a vast history. For hundreds of years, individuals have used individual monograms on clothing, wedding invitations, and other items. Many universities and corporations use a form of monogram as their logo, making it easier for them to create branded items to help spread the brand beyond typical advertising.

Legacy Monograms has provided monogramming in Dallas to hundreds of happy clients. Our expert staff is versed in the creation of beautiful, effective monograms that reflect the deep history of the art form. For more information or inquiries please contact us at (972) 763-1717 or visit www.LegacyMonograms.com.