Custom Letter Jackets Exemplify School Pride January 09 2015, 1 Comment

Custom Letter Jackets
A school’s athletic, extracurricular and scholastic programs have an overwhelmingly positive effect on the community. The pride in accomplishment of receiving a custom letter jacket is one that all students look forward to once they enter high school. One way to make the experience even better is with custom patches that allow each student to highlight the important athletic group, club, social organization, band or orchestra group, or magnet program they represent. Legacy Monograms serves the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area and is proud to provide students the opportunity to create custom embroidered patches and jackets and be able to bring the jackets back year after year to add more patches as they earn more achievements and honors.

Symbol of Achievement

Making the varsity team or lettering in a club or organization is a major achievement for Dallas area students, whether they play sports, march in the band, sing in the choir, or are involved in a wide number of extracurricular organizations. Schools properly acknowledge this feat with a Letter Jacket. As students walk around the school campus or show up for meetings or practice in their Letter Jackets, they feel an extra level of pride that often equates to better overall performance.

Positive Image For Your School

When you get letter jackets with custom patches and embroidery, it reflects positively on the school. Our letter jackets advertise their schools in a positive manner whenever students are wearing letter jackets with custom patches that reflect their personal awards and accomplishments.

Commitment and Integrity

Students who are involved in athletics, extracurricular programs and clubs learn the benefits of commitment, loyalty, hard work, discipline and integrity. These qualities help students stay on track in high school and prepare them to be good leaders and students as they move on to colleges and universities.   Custom letter jackets serve as a reminder of this positive influence in the community.

Embroidery in Dallas

You have numerous options in designs and materials when you put together a varsity jacket for your team or organization. Custom letter jackets and chenille patches can be made with the colors and styles of your choice. Legacy Monograms is happy to visit your school for a custom fitting and consultation.

For all your quality patches and embroidery in Dallas and the surrounding areas, Legacy Monograms is the place to go for unequaled customer service! For inquiries or more information please contact us at (972) 763-1717 or visit